Board Search

There is no shortage of high caliber female board candidates, and we draw upon meaningful connections and well established enduring relationships. 

We identify, screen and connect highly successful women from a broad spectrum of industries and backgrounds with private and public companies seeking new top-tier board members. 


Most candidates are not working with any other search firms providing untapped talent, expertise and intellectual capital for your organization.

We provide a unique , authentic and informed perspective combined with relevant tools, leadership skills, and hands-on experience. We train organizations to see things from new perspectives garnishing new insights and opportunities.

We specialize in committee members.

We look forward to partnering with you to find the most strategic and valuable board director for your organization.

Our Unique Process:


As experienced board directors and CEO's, we partner with  clients identifying  their unique needs and delivering the support necessary for achieving their goals:

  • Identify new strategic and high contributing board directors.

  • Design or revise  the  onboarding and governance process.

  • Provide  a framework to disrupt unconscious bias existing within the company culture.

We work quickly and efficiently providing continuous feedback throughout the process. 

We provide advice on board composition, appropriate search criteria and how to manage the process once the finalist candidates have been selected.


Our interview and rigorous reference checking process helps boards feel comfortable when meeting candidates  for the first time.