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Diversity on your board is an imperative today and we help you move quickly

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Julie Castro Abrams

Founding Partner

"It's not a Pipeline Issue, it is a Network Issue,"

Dr. Anita Sands, Board Director, Symantec, Pure Storage, and ThoughtWorks 


Christina Bui

Strategic Advisor

BoardLeaders is a network of women board directors who have come together to get the pipeline to you.  BoardLeaders delivers one of the most connected, and preeminent network of women leaders in the Bay Area with global networks and partnerships.


We know that finding the right board directors and integrating them well is critical to your success in this new landscape, so once we find a great fit, we coach you on new tactics for board engagement and governance.

Because board search is so personal and requires a deep understanding of your unique business needs, you need partners with first-hand experience as CEO's and Board Directors with deep connections and trusted relationships. We don’t believe in just a transactional engagement, we want to see you succeed and will stand by your side as you grow and evolve.


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